Collegio Arcanum

The sorcerers of the Collegio Arcanum are the only legitimate practitioners of the Arcane Arts within the Imperium; and practice of magic outside of Collegium influence is considered an egregious crime.

The nobility of Qan pride themselves on their magical lineages, tracing their ancestries back to the progenitor of their families’ arcane gifts. As such, it is forbidden within the Imperium to practice Wizardry.

Wizards, Warlocks and other so-called “apostate arcanists” are rare in the Imperium, as their presence is often thought to be considered abomination by the Collegium. Those who practice the Arcane arts generally keep their abilities a well-guarded secret, so as not to draw the attention of the Vindicators – the Emperor’s fanatical mage-hunters.

The methods and practices of the Collegium are not common knowledge, and those initiates who share the secrets of the monopolistic guild do so at their own peril.

All magi of the Collegium bear an identifying tattoo on their body, of various geometric shapes. According to common belief, the pattern and intricacy of these tattoos represent the mage’s specialty and rank; though the exact meanings of these markers are not known to any outside the guild.

Collegio Arcanum

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